Label Networks TV Camera by Masaki Miyagawa


DCMA collective is a music and art-inspired streetwear brand launched by Good Charlotte members Joel and Benji Madden” along with their brother Josh, and LA-based artist Tal Cooperman. In an interview at Agenda Trade Show in San Diego with Tal, Label Networks TV was able to get the scoop on the new brand, collective, and now, retail space called DCMA located in the heart of Hollywood.

“We originally had a brand named Made,” explained Tal about how things go started, “but decided to get more serious and take things into a new direction. What we’ve created is a re-invention called DCMA which stands for DC-made because Joel and Benji are from DC or Maryland, so that’s where the name came from.”

In their new collection under the DCMA-branded name, the look is far more art-inspired, with exclusive designs from their friends such as legendary street artist Shepard Fairey, Eclispe 1, REVOK from the 7th Letter Crew, Access from crew called CBS in Los Angeles, plus designs from Tal such as his Bones Brigade inspired graphics. Foil graphics, insignias, and skull patterns are among the collection as seen on graphic T-shirts and reversible hoodies. However the collection also features a full line of jewelry including brass knuckle busters 3 different belt buckles including guns, teeth with a tiny diamond, and bullet pendants.

“We also have an entire shoe collection coming out,” explained Tal at Agenda. On site were black, blue, red, and white colorways of music-inspired sneakers; however the full line includes 20 different colors. “This is a collaboration we’re doing with K-Swiss, so the sneakers are called K-DCMA.” The footwear selection is among the leading-edge of trends in sneakers coming from a casual, music-inspired direction rather than just skate. Skateboarding does have a great influence on the brand as Tal talks about DCMA getting picked up by PacSun, Tilly’s and Zumiez which has been especially great for the brand, inviting DCMA to the Zumiez 100K event which draws top action sports athletes and industry players in a celebration at a ski resort in Colorado where Zumiez awards store employees who reach the $100,000-sale mark each year.

DCMA has been moving forward quickly, opening a retail location March 15th in the newly revitalized hotspot on Melrose at Martel intersection. The store also includes a halfpipe and skate ramp, besides hosting the DCMA offices. Check out what Tal has to say about where DCMA is headed next.