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When asked “Which best describes how you feel about the Untied States in terms of environment?” among 13-25-year-olds across more than 5,000 people from a representative sampling within our second annual Humanitarian Youth Culture Profile Report, one of the most interesting results is by age demographics: The youngest demographic of 13-14-year-olds have the highest percentages at 44.9% that believe “Our government is messing up with the environment, our future.” This is followed by 15-17-year-olds at 42.8%, then 18-20-year-olds at 42.6%, and 21-25-year-olds at 42.3%. What’s important to note is that clearly younger demographics are growing up with a sense that they are on their own to make change when it comes to such issues, which also affects the way that they deal with other issues and adding to their DIY lifestyle.

Overall, by topline results, only 2.9% of 13-25-year-olds say they “Don’t care” which means the environment is of great to concern to their future and immediate lifestyle. While it is often thought that young people don’t really care about their world outside of their own bubble, as we’ve noted over the past few years, this is a generation that is far more worldly and concerned about the environment as well as other social and humanitarian issues, than any generation previous. This is indicated by the 42.8% that believe “Our government is messing up with the environment, our future, ” and the 45.9% that say “We should do much more to save our environment.”

What’s interesting to note by gender and this question is that females have slightly higher percentages than males that are more concerned with 47.6% of females saying We should do much more to save our environment compared with 42.2% of males. This is a characteristic often noted in the Humanitarian results, however the percentages do show that the environment clearly a concern for both demographics.