Each year, Label Networks includes “Cred Reports” with our data analysis which provides additional qualitative research to give insight into leading-edge trends that are popular or gaining popularity in each country or specific city. The Cred Reports are written by Label Networks in-field researchers and reporters as well as top young people who can see the state of trends within their country or city from a broad and insider perspective. These Cred Reports provide a unique addition to the quantitative data results and Macro Trend Editorial Summaries in our overall country studies. In this week’s story, we take a look at the Social Activities section of the London Cred Report for 2008.

Activities that are more popular now and moving into the future:

  • Loads of young people play music on their cell phones very loudly in public (which is actually very annoying -it’s like a new version of the old-school boombox)
  • Facebook is really popular right now and people are using it to get in touch with old friends and stay in touch with people and post all of their photos on there
  • MySpace is still popular for people but mostly to post their music on
  • More and more people have Blackberrys now to constantly check their emails
  • Skiing and snowboarding are being talked about loads right now as everyone books their winter
  • Being in a social network, but only to keep in touch with real friend or to share specific interests with some specific people
  • Upload loads of pics and other multimedia material in the personal profile page
  • Meet friend for good dinners instead of going out only to clubs. Everyone is learning how to cook
  • Traveling in Europe to go to parties since it’s easier than ever and not only clubbing but doing other things at night
  • Go biking and walking instead of using buses or cars
  • Reading loads of different magazines like I-D but also Grazia, to have a glance at the ideal world but also real life
  • Going shopping for hours before buying anything in order to spend little money and getting the best deals
  • Listening to music from web radios so you don’t get bored of one’s own limited playlist
  • Going to parties that are presenting different kinds of music and mingling with different crowds: No one wants to be stuck in a genre
  • Participating in relaxing but tonifying sports like swimming and Pilates

D) Current Issues taking place that are having a major effect on you:

  • Smoking is a big issue since there’s a smoking ban
  • Immigration is still an issue as the news reports that there is not enough hospitals to cope with all the people
  • Debt is a big problem in England as we hear that more people than ever are living off credit
  • There is still a big problem with binge-drinking in England as people are drinking more than the advised amount every day
  • The environment is a massive issue–we are constantly hearing about the damage that we have done and we are trying to look at new ways we can save energy and prevent waste
  • More young people taking loads of different and new drugs
  • The digital future is something we talk about
  • The economic forecast is something we think about
  • TV has become boring, movies are expensive, so the internet is the best entertainment
  • Web radios are the future (such as samurai.fm which rocks!)
  • We think of the economic crisis such as the cost of living being higher as well as mortgages and no one seems to be coping well
  • Climate change and the strange weather we’ve had in England -it’s raining and cold in the summer -it was an everyday topic during the summer
  • How to quit drinking and smoking cigarettes tends to be a common topic on Monday mornings
  • Extreme makeover discussions take place during lunch breaks with topics such as “Is it OK to change your body?” “How does this affect you?”
  • Just how technology is changing our lives is discussed all the time

For more information about the London Cred Report, including top trends in Activities, Electronics, Fashion, Accessories, Communication, and other Lifestyle Patterns among Youth Culture email info@labelnetworks.com; (323) 630-4000.