Shot from the new discovery Seven Ghosts. Courtesy of Grind TV.

Surfers are always on a quest to find new, epic, waves, and the Rip Curl exploration team did just that. Announced on GrindTV last week, 3-time world surf champion Tom Curren describes the new break produced by a tidal bore in a remote Indonesian river, “our biggest score in 20 years of exploring.”

Called Seven Ghosts named after the nearest village, the area is fascinating to watch and has created a huge stir in the surf industry, on par with any major break discovery for new surfing locations.

What’s interesting about Seven Ghosts is that unlike other tidal bores that push water upstream, this one produces huge swells up to 8 to 10 feet.

Rip Curl plans to release more information about this location at their 50th Anniversary of the Rip Curl Pro event later this month.