Pharrell Williams tucked into his G-Star collection made with Bionic Yarn.

Over the past couple of years, Pharrell Williams has been working with G-Star in terms of their direction on sustainability including the “Raw for the Oceans” capsule collection with his own brand Bionic Yarn which turns plastic bottles that are recycled into wearable denim, which gave G-Star a boost across the board.

As more fashion brands, in particular denim, are moving towards a more conscious approach to manufacturing techniques and distribution, the collaboration with Bionic Yarn and G-Star was a great fit. Add to that, Pharrell’s on-going music popularity and design sensibilities, and his work with Al Gore leading up to the COP21 Paris talks.

Last week, G-star announced that Pharrell is now the co-owner of the brand, which he himself disclosed on Twitter.

According to Thecia Schaeffer, CMO of G-star Raw, “In context of our co-work with Pharrell Williams, we want to further live innovation by allowing Pharrell to test the limits in all segmetns of our enterprise – from the development of new product ideas and sustainability visions up to crating new brand experiences.”