Shaun White catches monster air in SuperPipe at Winter X Games. All Photos by ESPN X Games.

The 11th Winter X Games came to a close on January 29, 2012 in Aspen, Colorado to huge fanfare as the top pro snowboarders in the world competed in the SuperPipe to a dramatic finish.

Earlier during the Games, Olympic gold medalist Kelly Clark stomped the competition winning her 2nd gold in SuperPipe with an awesome run that included a front side air, a back 540, front 1080, cab 720 and a front 540.

With that win, Clark became the first woman to win back-to-back gold medals in Women’s Snowboard SuperPipe, her ninth total Winter X Games medal.  It was also her thirteenth consecutive SuperPipe win this winter season (stay tuned for the full story posting next).

In the men’s which wrapped up Sunday, all eyes were again on Shaun White. After coming off a gold medal win in the Summer X Games in skateboarding halfpipe, fans wondered if he could repeat on snow. Not only did he clinch the gold medal within his first 2 runs, but he went for it on his 3rd and scored a perfect 100, which added excitement to his 5th consecutive gold medal win in Snowboard Superpipe.

White stomps his 3rd run for a perfect 100 score.

Shaun is now the first athlete to win five consecutive SuperPipe gold medals and is just the third athlete to win five consecutive in a discipline.

“It’s unreal, I have wanted that 100 forever,” White said trying to catch his breath from excitement.

Even though he’d already sealed the gold medal by his second run, he had more to prove.  He wanted to land the back-to-back double McTwist 1260 after missing it on his second run.

“For me, it (the competition) wasn’t complete until I landed that run,” White said.  “I am glad I did.  I have been to so many X Games now, and I will forever remember this. Getting that 100 score, the perfect score. It is crazy.”

Swiss rider Iouri Podladtchikov, or Ipod as he is known in snowboarding circles, scored a 93.00 winning the silver.  Ipod said that although he didn’t win, he was very happy with his performance.

“I am really happy actually because I have never put that run down so clean,” an exhausted Podladtchikov said following his last run. “I wish I had another run because I was just getting warmed up.  It was my personal best run so far but it wasn’t enough today.“

Japan’s Ryo Aono took home the bronze with a top score of 86.00

“I had good coaching and I am so very happy,” Aono said.

The Snowboard SuperPipe event represents the progression of the sport and showcases the best pipe riders in the world.  It’s also representative of one of the most popular winter sports among youth culture. The SuperPipe course consists of a large halfpipe structure with vertical walls.  The course is approximately 567-foot long and 66 feet wide, with 22-foot walls.  SuperPipe is judged on amplitude, execution, difficulty, landings and use of the course.

Stay tuned for more highlights from Winter X Games 2012.

Shaun White's latest snowboarding style will be changing the industry--we anticipate skinny snowboard pants in rockstar patterns coming soon.
The man with the mask. Shaun White after completing his perfect 100 score run in Aspen at Winter X Games 2012.