Subscriber-Only Reports:

Throughout the 12 months of a subscription to Label Networks, subscribers gain access to on-going subscriber-only reports. These Reports are based on various trends and new emerging markets taking place in global youth culture industries. The subscriber-only reports are posted in a timely fashion for actionable insights, and then highlighted in the Newsletter delivered via email each Wednesday.

These reports include our own proprietary data, charts, graphs, and/or fresh street photography from Label Networks researchers and reporters, plus specific in-depth analysis on timely topics, additional cross-tabulations of Label Networks’ data, and always in-depth analysis about specific demographics and market segments to provide key insights for subscribers.

Top 2014 Subscriber-Only Reports:

The State of Snowboarding: Which Demographic Changed the Most and How We Can Grow the Sport Again

Youth Culture’s Top Rankings of Most Sustainable Brands Reveals Changes in Spending Patterns and Influences

Footwear Shifts in Spending Patterns: Youth Culture Has New Influences

Unliked: How Facebook Is Losing Face with Youth Culture Markets

Sustainability X Sneaker Culture–What to Expect Next

2013 Future Consumers Reports: In addition to Subscriber-Only Reports, Label Networks has launched an e-commerce platform dedicated to the growing need for smaller, topical consumer insights reports. Here, smaller brands who are subscribers can obtain information on youth culture and T-shirts, Denim, Fashion, Accessories, and Action Sports Apparel directly. Updates to the Future Consumer Reports platform are posted throughout the year.

Top 2013 Subscriber-Only Reports and Future Consumers Report:

Digital Entertainment Patterns and How Youth Culture Is Leading the Way

Advertising—“Since brands have to advertise, what type of advertising do you prefer most?”

Future Consumer Report: T-Shirts, Trends, and Insights from American Youth Culture Markets

Eco-Fashion and The State of Youth Culture

China’s Shifting Dynamics Effects on Fashion: America’s New Market

For the Love of Hoodies—How a Fashion Staple Impacts Youth Culture Style and Why

Youth Culture Trends and Designer Headphones—Fresh Data from Label Networks’ Upcoming Spring Youth Culture Study 2013

The Outfoor Lifestyle Report 2013–Engage with the Future of Outdoor Adventure

Who Is Your Favorite Athlete? Youth Market’s Top Choices and Effects on Sponsorship, Sports, New Icons 

Youth Perspective On the State of The Environment Shows Fresh Trends, DIY Solutions, Shifting Paradigms in Spending—Highlights from Label Networks Outdoor Retailer Presentation

Mobile Phones, Spending Patterns, Electronics, Technology—Why Youth Culture is Leading the Charge


2012 Top Future Consumer Reports:

Subscriber-only Reports are based on timely topics and delivered each week via Label Networks’ Newsletter. Subscribers can also view them on the site by logging in at any time.
Subscriber-only Reports include Label Networks’ data, analysis, plus street images, trend analysis, and forecasts covering a variety of topics.

Other Top Subscriber-Only Reports include:

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