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What’s the Most Important Factor When Buying a Fashion Product?–Fresh Results from Label Networks’ 2012 Spring Youth Culture Study

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Fashion is full of ironies especially when it comes to American youth culture fashion movements. In this story, from our Spring Youth Culture Study 2012, we take a look at how this marketplace has changed their preferences for why they buy what they buy and how this is impacting fashion as a whole.

Amazon’s Move Into Fashion Marks the New Gorilla In the Room


The Amazon Clothing Store marks yet another move in the direction of fashion’s online destination, and it has created a huge sense of concern in the industry. First, as the 5th largest most-visited site (after Facebook) it’s got a following, whether people actually buy there or not. Among youth culture today, Amazon is synonymous for […]

Footwear and Sneaker Shopping Patterns in Youth Culture -Top Store Preference Shifts By Gender Lead to New Market Opportunities for the Industry


Challenging economy has effected footwear shopping patterns among youth culture, and in our latest Youth Culture Study, store preferences indicate where specific demographics are turning to next.

Thrift Shopping Influences in Fashion and Fresh Shopping Pattern Trends Among Youth Culture -New Data from Label Networks’ Summer Back-to-School Study 2011


Sneak-peak at the highly anticipated Summer Youth Culture Report–Back-to School 2011 starting with shopping patterns in an important category and what this means for the fashion industry.

How China’s Youth Culture May be America’s Best New Fashion Market -Excerpts and Data from Label Networks’ China Youth Culture Study

Label Networks’ 3rd China Youth Culture Study covering Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou reveals that despite the global economic downturn, the tables have turned as American fashion brands discover new market opportunities.

When you go into a store to buy clothing, what influences you the most in your purchasing decisions? -Fresh Data from Label Networks’ Spring Youth Culture Study 2011


As part of a robust section on Fashion from the Spring Youth Culture Study 2011, we take a look the results to one question on in-store influences and what’s most important to youth when it comes to shopping.