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X Games Global Expansion Includes New Sports Disciplines Including Women’s Skateboard Park, BMX Freestyle Dirt, and Mountain Bike Slopestyle


The latest outline of the various international cities and sporting disciplines for the global expansion of the ESPN X Games has been revealed, indicating where new and old sports favorites will come to life around the world in 2013. The expanded X Games will feature 6 host cities, 7 sports, and 26 disciplines in Foz […]

Deus Ex Machina Creates New Crossover of Surf Culture with Greaser Moto and Car Cultures


Parking lot d ’elegance and surf culture came together last month at Deus Ex Machina’s latest soiree in Venice, CA. Known for its eclectic corner location at the intersection of Venice and Lincoln Blvds. the retail flagship has become more of a hang-out for the new generation of greaser retro moto biker-heads and bearded surfers […]

Fall Youth Culture Study Reveals New Spending Patterns, Inspired DIY Trends and Market Opportunities, Plus Sustainability Trends, Fashion, Sneaker Culture, Action Sports, More


Fresh research and analysis released today from Label Networks’ 13th Fall Youth Culture Study reveals where shifts in the youth marketplace and various declines have also created new opportunities across a range of industries, such as fashion, technology, sports, electronics, music, entertainment, non-profits, sustainability issues, among others, based on new consumer insights among 13-25-year-olds across […]

Sesame Street Street Art Show by Seventh Letter Crew and Neff Among New Crop of License Deal Collabs in Streetwear and Art


Photos by Tom Wallace. There’s a growing number of cartoon or kid-show related licensing deals filtering throughout streetwear and street art these days, from brands creating collaborative apparel and accessories, to street artists creating new works based on cartoon, super hero, or in the case of this Sesame Street collab, old-school children’s entertainment. Last weekend, […]

Beijing Fixies Part of New Creative for China Originals Featuring Unique Collaborations with Growing Scene of Urban Cyclists


The Beijing Fixies for the China Originals campaign. Photos by Ka Xiaoxi. The recent launch of China Originals with the creative team from NeoChaEdge has brought attention to the growing scene of fixed bike culture, and urban cycling in general. Not only is this subculture defining new lifestyle territory in the United States and Europe, […]

Puma X BMW Collab Gets Even Bigger Including More Moto Merch, Footwear, Apparel


Puma’s relationship with BMW since 2004 has been one an interesting example of a unique collaboration of a sneaker/apparel brand with automotive. Both have gained exposure in cross-pollinating their consumer bases by being involved with each other’s brand strategies and marketing. And now, Puma and BMW Motorsport has announced a massively extended partnership. In this […]

Introducing the Snowboarding Car: 686 X Scion Racing Numeric


Among the many cool things that came out of Agenda last week was the 686 X Scion Racing Car called the “Numeric”—the first official snowboarding car. Marking the 20th Anniversary for 686 outerwear and clothing, the collaboration is unique in many ways mainly because the car was recreated inspired from a snowboarding and skateboarding brand. […]

Ice Cube Talks What Makes LA so LA, Plus Celebrating The Eames and “Going Green 1949-style, Bitch”

Ice_Cube_at_The_Eames_200 got Ice Cube to talk about the latest exhibition at The Eames house. It couldn’t be more perfect. We love this video by Ice Cube talking about what makes LA so LA, and his love of architecture, The Eames house, and “going green 1949-style, bitch.”Celebrating an exhibit by, a collective that showcases latest […]

Ksubi Launches the Kolor Project -Beautiful Campaign for Colored Denim Incorporating Video and 80’s Muscle Cars


Another excellent short video from the denim scene is Australia’s Ksubi using colored denim, models, and 80’s muscles cars in a very unique vignette.