BMW’s art car with artist Jeff Koons.

BMW X Jeff Koons
BMW’s artist car series has been effective if you come from youth or street culture. Tapping into the whole street art vibe for cred, BMW has already collaborated with artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and a tribute with Andy Warhol. Their latest is current pop art fave, Jeff Koons.

In this BMW art series, Koons goes psychedelic with race-like stripes of neon colors that go over the entire car, including mirrors, which creates the feeling of speed. Perhaps this is intentional given that it will debut at the Le Mans, France 24-hour endurance race as car # 79 in June.

Karl Lagerfeld for Coca-Cola Light.
The Coca-Cola Light campaign wouldn’t be nearly as cool if it didn’t have the endorsement of designer Karl Lagerfeld. While it reminds us a little of Mountain Dew’s limited-edition artist series and again brings up the question of will people find bottles collectable, the effort is interesting, especially based on the Lagerfeld design. His style and photo including his quintessential Lagerfeld silhouette run on the bottle. It also comes nicely packaged in a box, hidden in a drawer, with his signature on it.

The Coca-Cola light box with Karl Lagerfeld is a limited-edition of course, and will be available at boutiques such as colette in Paris starting today.