Everyone in retail, fashion, textiles, and pretty much every-other industry in the world, is re-evaluating cost and benefit analysis given the current state of the economy and financial bail-out about to hit consumers. Part of the national-reorg from a fashion industry perspective is coming from the behemoth fashion trade show MAGIC as rumors are fly that it’s about to make some significant changes to keep momentum going. As we wrote about in our various trade show reviews (search “trade shows” section for more) many brands continue to want to make the jump to Project from the Main Hall of MAGIC, and S.L.A.T.E., while its debut did wonders for streetwear, still may not account for enough “change” needed to generate former revenue goals for overall scale of MAGIC in general.

For example, DNR has just reported that brands such as Perry Ellis International, Tommy Bahamas, and others are reconsidering showing at MAGIC at all given the high costs to have a booth there and the effectiveness of attracting buyers. As more brands jump ship to Project such as Ben Sherman, 7 for All Mankind, and others, including several street fashion brands from the South Hall such as Hellz Bellz, Alife, Creative Recreation, and WESC, it makes sense that something has to change at the main show of MAGIC.

We predict that MAGIC, which also owns Pool and moved it into the Center Hall 2 years ago, will move Project into the Las Vegas Convention Center too, rather than have it as a stand-alone show at the Sands Expo, and making Project a part of MAGIC in some alternative way. MAGIC undergoing change with a massive overhall is indicative of the times not only with fashion and the economy, but the need for large trade shows in general, especially as directions in trends move niche. (The anomaly to this however, remains the global fashion trade show, Bread & Butter Barcelona.)

Which is one reason why BPMW’s recent announcement to launch their Capsule show (which is currently in NYC and Paris) at Vegas during the MAGIC timeframe in February 2009, is quite interesting despite the already crowded space with other shows such as Pool, Project S.L.A.T.E., ENK Vegas, MRket, not to mention the growing number of exclusive suites showcasing various showrooms and individual brands.

As Edina Sultanik Silver from BPMW said, the Capsule show in Vegas “will be very similar to the setup to New York with a brand assortment from all over the world. There’s a certain caliber of retail and designer that we consider to be part of our community that we felt there is an opportunity to serve here.” Capsule brands in the past have included Ksubi, Kidrobot, Super eyewear, April77, among others. The Capsule show will cost $5K for a 9X9 booth and $2K for accessories. The show will take place at the Luxor.

Stay tuned for more information on changes in the upcoming fashion trade show scene for next season.