The crossover of technology and lifestyle is clearly an important aspect of today’s global youth culture, particularly among the savvy, computer-born generation of 13-30-year-olds. As seen in our Global Youth Culture Studies, especially in North America, Europe, and Japan, spending patterns have changed starting with this new generation as more people dedicate dollars to key electronics and technical collector’s pieces (i.e., iPods, iPhones, cell phones, Laptops, digi cameras) than spending on more fashionable apparel. It’s a toss-up now, which is more important to one’s lifestyle, and technology is edging ahead of the pack in this race.

So when we had a chance to talk with Dre Hayes from The Foundation out of New York City about their most recent client, Incase, it was exciting to see “life meets tech” as he put it, in action. The Incase booth at both Project and again at Agenda in San Diego was one of the most talked about new brands at the fashion trade shows this Fall.

While Incase has been around for 10 years producing Apple-centric accessories such as laptop computer sleeves and iPod cases, the brand has ramped up its collection featuring now skateboard bags, including an exclusive collaboration with pro skater Paul Rodriguez, plus iPhone holders, overnight bags, duffels, messenger bags, and more. Created by industrial engineers, what’s so incredible about these bags and accessories is the amount of science that goes into the aesthetics. For example, the soft, white overnight bags are made with NanoSphere fabrics that are self-cleaning. The shoulder pads on the backpacks are ergodynamic and shaped to the human back for one of the most comfortable fits in backpacks.

“Incase first contacted us because they thought we did PR,” explained Dre about how they hooked up with Incase. “However we told them we did sales, but were of course very interested in their brand. What we’ve done and are doing is bringing Apple into all of these boutiques, whether they are streetwear or contemporary, skate, or design. It’s a very exciting experience because this product is so incredible.”

In the future, as Dre explained, we can expect to see more collaborations with top artists such as the recent collab Incase completed with laptop sleeves with KRINK, plus new bags such as DJ bags.

It should also be noted, that with their great product introductions is a very cool, clean press book. Actually there are two, bound together, one called Technology indicating all of the collections features and beautiful rainbow color schemes, and the other called Lifestyle, with images of the collection in action with photos by legendary artist and photographer Ari Marcopoulos.