Clot X Medicom collab.

Project and S.L.A.T.E. fashion trade shows August 20-24 in Las Vegas also offered a variety of inspiring installations and creative areas where attendees could pick up on why certain trends were blossoming compared with others and where the inspirations were originating.

From the perspective of youth culture and street, one such prolific area was the Project/reed Installation at S.L.A.T.E. where some of the top street culture collaborations that have currently become iconic collectibles were on display. The area was curated by Reed Space and Jeff Staple who is known for his work in street culture, including having his own boutique in the Lower East Side, apparel collection, and creating a variety of collaborations.

Mickey gets hip via street collaborations.

Here’s how Project and S.L.A.T.E. described the area: “What you see before you are physical archives of our world. They all came from “the streets,” but these items are now some of the world’s most sought-after and highly coveted objects. Consider this to be a frozen moment in time for us to reflect on the past and be inspired for the future.”

What’s interesting is that it’s not just sneakers and T-shirt collaborations which many people associate with street culture collabs, but what was also represented were items that show how such collaborations from street culture have moved into a variety of new directions. For example, there were several urban vinyl toys, accessories such as iPod and phone chargers, watches, bags and wallets, backpacks and messenger bags, skateboards, and designer headphones.

Billionaire Boys Club boots.

Overall, it was a culmination of influences in street culture and streetwear, with action sports influences particularly skateboarding and snowboarding, street artists, sneaker culture, and the latest in wearable technology in communication patterns and music listening devices.

Nike collab snowboard boots.

Some key brands and collaborations included: • Adidas Originals X Jeremy Scott • Diamond Supply Co. X Undefeated • InCase • Nike X Levis • Billionaire Boys Club • Mighty Healthy X Logitech Speakers • Grand Scheme X Popaganda • Seventh Letter for Zoo York • Clot X Medicom • Mishka’s Keep watch • The Hundreds X Disney • Clae X Mighty Crown McQueen collection • Nike Force 1 Snowboard Boots • Staple X New Balance • Adidas Originals X Jeremy Scott “wings” sneakers • Erick Scarecrow’s Liberty Figure

Porter for Maiden Noir collab.


Sneaker collabs abound and one of the birth places of street culture collaborations.
The Hundreds have been working with Disney for some time.
Skate deck collabs.
Adidas Originals X Jeremy Scott “wings” sneakers.
Diamond Supply Co. X Undefeated and Erick Scarecrow’s Liberty Figure.
InCase is known for working with a variety of street artists, brands, and musicians.
The coveted kingpin collab with Levi's X Nike skate denim.
Amongst Friends X High Snobiety Field Boots.
Mighty Healthy X Logitech Speakers.