Label Networks’ Summer Youth Culture Study 2011–Back-to-School.

Press Release:
Fresh research from Label Networks’ 11th Summer Youth Culture Study -“Back-to-School” reveals key findings of how 13-25-year-olds have changed their spending patterns and why, plus what they consider to be key influences based on new technology, changes in the economy, social networking, and various trends.

“The [Study] will cause many brands and agencies to re-examine how they plan to reach the savvy marketplace of today’s youth culture, particularly for back-to-school season as there has been many changes in the last 6 months,” explains Kathleen Gasperini, Senior Vice President and Editor of Label Networks, a leading global youth culture intelligence and brand strategy company and producers of the Study. “Their generational ease with technology, computers, social media, smart phones and apps and now, tablet PC’s, have made them inherent leaders when it comes to digital lifestyles.”

Combined with recent shifts in influences from the economy, spending patterns have changed for many reasons. There are new inspirations in shopping and a “savings” culture emerging which has shifted retail patterns and youth preferences in fashion and footwear and why they buy what they buy.

Key Topics Include:
Digital Lifestyle information ranging from Spending Patterns, Online Retail, Cell Phones, Features, Smart Phones and Apps
Communication Patterns and Grassroots Marketing, and New Media Effectiveness and What Works Now
Shopping and Retail Shifts in Fashion and Footwear, Influences from Discounts, Fast-Fashion, Vintage, Thrift, Online, and M-Commerce
Changes in Spending Habits and Key Influences in Household Goods, Ranging from Cell Phones to Entertainment Devices to Automobiles and More
Effects of the Economy on Attitudes, Spending, Savings
Key Apps, Cell Phone Features, Usage Patterns
Social Networks as Communication, Information Source, plus Viral Effectiveness
Music Patterns and Influences, Plus Opportunities via Sponsorship
Effectiveness of Band Merch on Fashion and Spending within Youth Culture
Entertainment Platform Preferences and Usage Patterns -New Results on Tablet PC’s, EReaders, Internet TV
Effectiveness of Word-of-Mouth, Personal Profiles, Email, IM-ing, Texting, Links

This Study also delivers in-depth and colorful, actionable, data, charts, graphs, analysis, and forecast regarding changes in spending patterns and feelings about the economy and recession, particularly in the last 3 to 6 months. It also includes an entire series on where youth markets are cutting back the most and where they are spending the most and why, plus what would make it easier for them to buy the things that they like the most.

As with all of Label Networks’ Youth Culture Studies, there is fresh insight on fashion and footwear. Here, results concentrate on shopping patterns, retail changes in favorite types of stores and online buying patterns. Based on youth culture trends, there are also insights into shopping thrift or vintage, the effects of discounts, fast-fashion, and online retailing, and M-commerce.

The final section is devoted to entertainment patterns via technology and new media, including the latest trends in music -favorite sites, purchasing patterns, importance of band merch, music video watching patterns, concerts, tours, tickets, and the effects that music and musicians have on youth culture today. This section is not specifically intended for people in the music industry, but for all youth market industries as it provides insight and ideas for marketing and advertising based on how the youth marketplace responds to various music-related lifestyle questions.

Overall, the Summer Youth Culture Study 2011 -“Back-to-School” provides the necessary quantitative and qualitative insight to see what’s going on and where things are headed next in youth culture lifestyles, making it a crucial tool for companies interested in making the most savvy, important business decisions in the future.

The margin of error for the data in the Summer Youth Culture Study 2011 -“Back-to-School” is less than 2.5% at a confidence level of 95%.

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