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State of the World Calls for Olympics to Create “Team of Refugee Olympic Athletes (ROA) for Upcoming Games in Rio 2016


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has added another team to the roster of 206 National Olympic Committees, this time it’s for young athletes caught in the middle of living their lives as refugees due to displacement and conflict in their countries. Called the Refugee Olympic Athletes (ROA), 43 athletes have been identified so far and […]

Bob Hurley Steps Down as Hurley CEO


Big news from Nike, owners of Hurley today as it was announced that founder Bob Hurley would be stepping down from the helm as CEO after 16 years. He will transition into a new role where he will focus on building and cultivating the community and extending Nike’s relationships with elite athletes. Here’s more: He […]

Olympics Starts Hiring for New Olympic Channel, Initiates Sustainability as Part of Future City Selection Process


The International Olympic Committee Executive Board has moved forward with several initiatives approved from the Olympic Agenda 2020 which was agreed upon during a meeting eight weeks ago in Monaco. First, for the bidding process of host cities, the new Invitation Phase for the 2024 Games is in place which gives interested cities the chance […]

UN Secretary-General X International Olympic Committee Move Forward Regarding South Sudanese and Central African Republic Youth Athletes Support, and Identifying Youth Athletes in Refugee Camps


Sports utilized as a movement for peace, especially within emerging countries and areas with huge youth populations within refugee camps, has been has gotten another boost by the joint collaboration from the International Olympic Committee and the United Nations. International Olympic Committee (IOC) President Thomas Bach and United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met again, […]

X Games Austin Debuts Festival-Like Experience In Addition to Action Sports Competition


X Games in Austin, TX, June 6-8, 2014, is shaping up to be a different sort of event than it was in Los Angeles. Today, they announced that not only would there be the world-class action sports competitions, but 9 themed festival villages along with an entire music line-up. The festival villages are called Galleria, […]

H&M Named as Official Olympic Apparel Brand for Swedish Athletes for 2014 Sochi Games and 2016 Rio de Janeiro


It’s always an honor to be named as the official apparel brand of a country’s Olympic team. H&M announced today, April 17, 2013, that it will be the official brand for the Swedish athletes for the Winter Olympics  and Paralympics in Sochi 2014, and the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro 2016. The […]

Future Consumers Report: Who Is Your Favorite Athlete? Youth Market’s Top Choices and Effects on Sponsorship, Sports, New Icons


Favorite athlete picks by youth culture today may shake-up perceived notions of valuable sponsorships, not to mention what sports and lifestyles 13-25-year-olds now associate with and how this impacts the businesses surrounding sporting industries, entertainment, and more. In this Future Consumers Report, we focus on fresh data from our upcoming Spring Youth Culture Study 2013 […]

X Games Descends on LA, Freestyle MotoX Pushes Limits with Japan’s Taka Higashino Taking Gold


  Photos by Tom Wallace Last weekend, June 28-July 1, 2012, downtown Los Angeles was transformed into the platform for the X Games, often referred to as the alternative Olympics by action sports fans. Events ranging from skateboarding vert and street, to BMX in the same disciplines, freestyle motoX, and rally car racing make for […]

Outdoor Retailer Trade Show Proves Crossover Potential with Action Sports, Technical and Heritage Fashion Trends, Footwear, Accessories


All eyes were on the OR Winter Trade Show as the outdoor industry continues to evolve, bringing with it some new crossover categories, exhibitors, designers, and ideas.

Olympic Round-up: Totally Stacked U.S. Snowboarding Team Means Big Potential for Medal Sweeps; Youth Olympic Games Releases Non-Logo Logo and New Media Campaign

It’s incredible how badly the IOC continues to miss the mark in attracting youth culture, but the good news is that our athletes in snowboarding blow-doors on anyone else.