Red, white, and blue bikini tops capped with cowboy hats and oversized sunglasses make up new cowgirl fashion styles

Story and Photos by Kathleen Gasperini

Young women into country music and cowgirl fashion have a unique sense of style because they often pair things with key accessories that can create the entire look. From cowboy boots in white to turquoise, cowboy hats, bling buckles, leather belts, and cut-off denim shorts, each piece on many fashionable country music fans create individual looks that are influencing authentic trends across America as cowgirl attitude gains new ground thanks to musicians such as Taylor Swift, Reba, and Danielle Peck.

As we stated in Part 1 on cowboy fashion, city centers aren’t the only sources of fresh, authentic influences in fashion these days. As more young people search for value, traditional brands, and eras with meaning, Label Networks takes a hard look at what a major portion of the United States is made of -the American cowgirl and country music fans.

Rockabilly and vintage dresses with high socks and boots represent a crossover over country, alt-rock, and rockabilly influences

One way to capture some of the more current and fashion-forward cowgirl attitude and styles was by scoping the fields at the recent Stagecoach festival April 25 and 26. Featuring bands such as Kid Rock, Kenny Chesney, Lady Antebellum, Reba, Brad Paisely, Little Big Town, and others, you could get a strong sense of the cross-over taking place between a new kind of rock with hints of country, and country that’s being redefined into alt-country and rockabilly, such as sound coming from bands like Little Big Town, Reverend Horton Heat, Maxim Ludwig and the Santa Fe Seven, and Darius Rucker (formerly known as Hootie from Hootie and the Blowfish).

For young women into country, key regional sources of inspiration come from Arizona, New Mexico, and Nashville. Styles mixed with ranching, desert motifs, Native American, plaids, bright colors, and military camo are plentiful. But combined with these aspects are flowy sundresses, oversized sunglasses, braids, vests, and of course denim.

Here’s a look at key trends in cowgirl styles, ranging from overall looks, to cowboy boots, denim, T-shirts, dresses, hairstyles, and tattoos.

Sundresses in bright colors such as yellow, red, and turquoise plus denim are important capped with cowboy hats and boots.

Big hair and oversized slouchy bags among strong cowgirl traits

Cowboy boots are a must, even slouchy ankle cowboy boots, along with oversized bags, often in leather

Beautiful gold and silver-tipped cowboy boots with accessories and a splash of turquoise equals high-fashion

Denim short shorts (usually cut-offs from Levi%uFFFDs, Lee, or Wrangler) are common, as well as mixing it with colorful cowboy boots as seen here

Denim shorts and white tops, especially off the shoulder or with pouf capped sleeves

Short denim cut-offs so the white cotton pockets are longer than the shorts provide a throw-back to the %uFFFD70%uFFFDs and hippie styles.

Floral tattoos on legs, paired with tan-studded cowboy boots complete make the cowgirl style.

Cut-off denim shorts and denim skirts, bikini tops, white cowboy boots, and cowboy hats are hot for cowgirls on mechanical bull rides.

And again…

Cowgirl attitude is really popping up in various T-shirt graphics and designs also. Check it out below:

Cowgirl Militia is a key brand that provides colorful T-shirts, tanks, and military motifs in graphics along with hearts, birds, guns, and bright colors.

Rock %uFFFDn Roll Cowgirl brand carries scoopneck T-shirts with tattoo artistry graphics

Boot Barn%uFFFDs Cowgirl Rock %uFFFDn Roll T-shirt with guitar graphics, paint, metallic foils in silkscreen designs

Red, tattoo artistry, feathers, an accentuated graphics with metal studs are key, as well as military and camo mixed in.

Plaids have always been popular in cowgirl styles, but now in a modern vest, accessorized with diamond horseshoe necklaces

More plaids and also braids. Two french braids or front piece braids are common in cowgirl styles, but also in summer styles in general among young women.

Horses in graphics are making a strong comeback. Expect this not only in cowgirl T-shirts, but other apparel graphics as well.

Key trend hotspots for cowgirl inspiration come from Arizona, New Mexico, and Nashville, TN, including motifs such as cactus, desert landscapes, and Native American prints.

Bling buckles in belts (the gemstones and shine represent the crossover from rap/hip-hop influences which are also a subculture within this genre), as well as leather belts in general tie into key accessories of cowgirl styles.

Trends in cowgirl styles start early: little girl in pink cowboy boots, denim skirt, and corresponding pink cowboy hat, signed by her favorite singers.