Kelly Slater’s new brand is called Outerknown.

Surfing World Champion Kelly Slater has named his new apparel brand with Kering, “Outerknown.” Similar to trends we’re seeing in youth culture markets when it comes to fashion preferences, Slater is also going to bring sustainability into the brand’s DNA.

After parting with Quiksilver last April and ending a 23-year-relationship, it makes sense that Slater would want to bring aspects of sustainability, as well as travel and style to his new collection. Kering, which also owns Volcom, has been a leading force in fashion and sustainability as well.

According to Slater, today, Monday, September 8, 2014, “As global citizens, we have an obligation to build better products and understand the way our consumption impacts others. I am constantly traveling and observing the multicultural world we live in, and Outerknown is a brand that references my travels, and stands for the values I believe in.”

Slater has brought on John Moore as co-founder and creative director of Outerknown.  Moore added, “There are surf wear brands, designer brands and technical brands, but we’ve seen the consumer’s need emerge for a transitional brand that brings together all three. Outerknown addresses this void in the marketplace between sports and luxury, and our investment in quality and responsible practices will warrant this elevated positioning,” the designer explained.

Kering will be supporting Outerknown through distribution, which is slated to start in early 2015. It does not yet have a stake in Slater’s brand. However Slater will be taking part in various Kering initiatives especially as they involve sustainability.