Kelly Slater celebrating 11th ASP World Title–Photo by Steve Sherman/ASP.

So far, limited information is available, but word leaked from the Quiksilver’s Huntington Beach headquarters yesterday, according to Transworld Business, is that it was another grim day for action sports.

According to latest news, Quiksilver has cut Quiksilver Women’s, Quiksilver Girls, and DC has cut DC Women’s. In addition, the surf team from Quiksilver has been whittled down to Kelly Slater and 2 others; the snowboarding team down to Travis Rice only; and the skateboarding team to the lone man, Tony Hawk. Quiksilver’s entire BMX team is gone.

Action sports in general has been going through a hard time, from the surfing industry shake-ups to skateboarding’s splintering in new directions. In our upcoming Spring Youth Culture Study 2013, we provide the latest report on the state of Action Sports, how things have shifted and why, and forecasts for the future. In addition, we provide the latest information on youth culture’s favorite athletes which illustrate who’s high on the radar and up-and-coming based on various demographics, and which athletes are no longer in sync with the marketplace. (For more information on the Spring Youth Culture Study 2013, email

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more information about the latest Quiksilver cuts as news is released.