Seek No Further from Fruit of the Loom.

Fruit of the Loom is tapping into their heritage past finally with the launch of a new collection called Seek No Further. Designed by the very credible Dorothee Loermann, formerly from Surface to Air, the simplistic collection based on the basics of Fruit of the Loom’s signature underwear gives a new jolt of credibility to the brand.

Seek No Further is not only a pretty cool name, but it’s also the name of a heritage brand of apple in New England. The collection features sweatshirts and hoodies, button downs, T-shirts, leather sneakers, and selvedge denim.  There are small embellishments, stitches, and changes in the traditional silhouettes that also add to the concept that isn’t your everyday streetwear.

Seek No Further offers women’s collection also.

To start, Seek No Further launched in pop-up stores last week in London and Berlin. The store design is creative as well, done by Universal Design Studios who also designed the ACE Hotel in London. Artist Sarah Illenberger also assisted with the installations in the pop-up stores. Finally, the website and blog at is quite interesting with behind the scenes view of how the collection came together and a “journal” of their work, travel, and inspirational ideas.

Fruit of the Loom not only has strong brand recognition, but with the ongoing wave of heritage moving to the forefront in fashion today, their latest foray into a modern world with a unique designed collection, pop-up experience, and website could bring a new generation along with the old brand.

Pop-up store launches in Berlin and London started March 6.
Seek No Further also includes denim, button-downs, and leather sneakers.