Nudie Jeans denim repair shop on-site brings to the forefront sustainability and quality.

The triangle of today’s most leading-edge trade shows in Las Vegas, NV, called Modern Assembly have challenged the traditional Magic and Project trade shows hosted by Advanstar in new ways. From February 17-19, 2014, these shows including Liberty Fairs, Agenda, and (capsule) have brought together trendsetting brands in streetwear, denim, contemporary, and music-inspired cultures towards creating a new paradigm shift in fashion, footwear, and accessories. And with it, have flocked a new retailer contingency keen on making their store the most exciting shopping destination for consumers today.

We are still on-site at the shows, it’s clear that Americana and heritage are still going strong, however there’s some original 90’s twists that are making an entrance and transforming Americana into an original showcase for the ‘teens of the 21th century.

2014 is looking progressive with a retro throwback. Capsule brings with it a host of European flair and Japanese ingenuity, as well as the new-school brands in modern contemporary outdoors apparel. Liberty Fairs is the hype with its new “Project” feeling (the founder Sam Ben-Avrahem was also the founder of Project before selling it to Advanstar). Liberty Fairs brings with it a feeling of walking into an American Rag store, but updated.

Civil Society among the brands connecting classic nautical with outdoor figures and nature.

Agenda here in Vegas is bigger and more bad-ass than its Long Beach flagship. This is because it has more space, especially for the Agenda WMN’s section. But streetwear and action sports-inspired brands that have always been on the cusp of street anyway, are the mainstay of the Vegas version. Totally worth checking out.

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Akomplice at Agenda had a unique display showcasing how patterns can make a huge difference in apparel. They’ve changed-up their apparel selections and are setting trends for streetwear.


Beards and outdoors-woodsman are still important themes but tailored. Capsule included an entire section dedicated to men’s beauty products and accessories.


Tattoo artist on-hand at Timberland combined elements of the authentic workman’s boot/hip-hop iconic footwear and it’s next phase in it’s evolution paired with contemporary urban streetwear.

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