Each year”, Label Networks includes “Cred Reports” with our data analysis which provides additional qualitative research to give insight into leading-edge trends that are popular or gaining popularity in each country or specific city. The Cred Reports are written by Label Networks in-field researchers and reporters as well as top young people who can see the state of trends within their country or city from a broad and insider perspective. These Cred Reports provide a unique addition to the quantitative data results and Macro Trend Editorial Summaries in our overall country studies. In this week’s story, we take a look at the Fashion and Accessory section of the Spain Cred Report taken mostly from Madrid and Barcelona, but also various other cities across the country.

Fashion Trends: Name the top fashion trends that you think are “in” right now and/or are the leading-edge styles and why:

  • New Bohemians–Living with little money is the art of the 21st century and clothes should reflect this ability, such as if the brand is new, expensive needs to be kitsch also with something else
  • For new media people fashion is a mix of techno/punk fashion: mix of casual and hi-tech/metal clothes, tech fabrics, and accessories
  • On the contrary of this, for old-media people like print people or TV, it needs to be ethnic chic: a mixture of ethnic with influences from Africa, South America, Asia, and branded stuff such as Chanel bag, Kenzo shirts
  • Old times are back in any cultural context
  • Theme parties are in: the ’20s (1929, the crisis), the ’40s (1946, the new Europe), the ’60s (1967 the summer of love)
  • New denim design: slim or large, but should be new because now ’90s denim are off

B) Accessory trends that are in right now and moving into the next season:

  • Vintage or vintage-like sunglasses the bigger the better
  • Shoes: Espadrilles have always been OK in Barcelona, but now they have different design and colours and are also cool
  • Hats for men, hats or headband or flowers/butterflies/birds in the hair for women
  • Jewelry: bold jewelry for women, minimal for men
  • Watches–the supercool have watches again to show that they don’t live in front of a PC

Given that retail stores are having a hard time, what advice would you give or what would you do if you owned your own retail fashion store or online fashion store to make it important or cool?

  • They should mix different styles and new and vintage stuff.
  • They should work on window displays with greater creativity

Which city or country do you think is producing the freshest fashion trends right now and why?

  • China
  • Brazil
  • Beijing
  • Sao Paulo because they are coming up with new and different things

Stay tuned for Part 2 from the Spain Cred Report, including top trends in Activities, Electronics, Music Communication and other Lifestyle Patterns. For more information, email info@labelnetworks.com; (323) 630-4000 about the Premium Global Youth Culture Subscription.