The new Kanye collaboration with Adidas launches soon.

Changes in spending patterns among today’s youth culture market means that retailers and brands need to incorporate new methods to fit the needs of buyers who are easily adept at technology, social media, and mobile phone culture. That’s why Adidas’ latest app that lets people get in a virtual line for fresh kicks is on target.

The creation of the new app came as part of a solution to the highly anticipated drop of the new Kanye sneaker collaboration with Adidas and the high demand. As anyone in streetwear knows, sneaker culture often leads trends and the demand for coveted collections can bring significant after-market prices in the thousands on platforms like EBay.

Sneaker freakers keep up to speed by reading the variety of blogs that promote latest collections and collaborations. It’s not uncommon to see lines forming outside core shops in various cities in anticipation for purchasing latest sneakers. When Kanye dropped the Nike collaboration Air Yeezy, the shoes were $215 a pop, but they sold out of the 3,000 pairs in minutes and the after-market frenzy pumped the price tag.

Simon Atkins, Adidas’ Vice President of Brand Activation, said that this was a “real opportunity to change the paradigm with customers.” People can download the app and register which allows for Adidas to reserve shoes (and other items in the future). First on the app registration are first in “line” to get the shoe at specified times and locations. However Adidas can control just where they want their core buyers to get these shoes as they may be only available or pick-up in specific locations.

This isn’t the only app of this kind for sneaker lovers. Sneaker Crush for example, lets people know what’s up on the after-market for coveted collections. However the Adidas app is a big deal given that they are timing this with the new Kanye collaboration.

Mobile apps and shopping are becoming far more common, and utilizing unique ways to engage new consumers and interact is part of the wave of the future.