Bright fashion trade show which represents streetwear and action sports inspired brands has been purchased by Premium.

On the last day of Berlin Fashion Week, July 10, 2015, as the trade shows wrap-up across the city, and Agenda wraps-up in Long Beach, CA, Bright, known for its streetwear and action sports-inspired brands, announced that The Premium Group, which runs Premium and Seek, has bought them for an undisclosed amount.

Bright founders Marco Aslim and Thomas Martini have sold their shares, but they will continue to act as managing directors of the show.

Bright features many brands and sneaker culture from boardsports.

Jörg Arntz, chief operating officer of Premium Group, said: “With the influential [mainly womenswear show] Premium on one hand and Bright and Seek on the other we are strengthening Berlin’s reputation as a fashion hub while taking the lead with a powerful, progressive menswear selection.”

Martini added: “In addition to the personal connections it brings the group the necessary support to develop Bright in close collaboration with Seek into the leading European trade show for sports and streetwear.”

Bright was located right next to Seek this time around which many buyers found far more convenient. Bright and Seek had a total of 600 different collections at their shows. Bright is known for bringing elements of boardsports to the fashion world in Europe, including accessories and sneakers.

Photos courtesy of Bright.