Kelia Moniz at Roxy Longboard Championships.

The European Surf Industry Association has released its latest findings on the size of the global summer boardsports marketplace. Such findings are a good starting point, but it’s important to point out that “size of market” in terms of consumption of hardgoods and corresponding apparel, footwear, and accessories is always a best-guest estimate since putting lifestyle goods within boardsports as a category is subjective.

The being said, their latest results are as follows: Consumption of the related products grew to €7.6 billion in 2011, of which €3.9 billion came from the U.S. and €1.9 billion from Europe. In Europe, the market fell by 5 percent in France to €659 million and by 1 percent in Spain to €269 million. It increased by 3 percent in Italy to €205 million, by 1 percent in Germany to €192 million and by 1 percent in the U.K. to €181 million. The European market consisted of €841 million worth of apparel, €604 million worth of footwear and €514 million worth of equipment.

In related news, we have just posted our Spring Youth Culture Study 2012 with updated numbers on youth culture perceptions, participation, and sports to learn, including action sports. The changing dynamics of the industry and a new generation of consumers who perceive action sports very differently prove once again that action sports as a subculture is in the midst of significant change—one that some brands have been successful in capitalizing on, and others, who are no longer nearly as relevant as they were just a year ago.