In our latest street fashion trend report, Lisa Solimeo, Label Networks’ summer reporter, delivers the latest inspirational street snaps of an ever-present style that combines last year’s nu rave with this year’s synth-punk inspired ensembles.

HotSpots: Nationwide, particularly among pockets of 13-25-year-olds inspired by punk, emo, synth music

Key Inspiration: Cobra Starship and their emo-punk music and style, particularly the lead singer and female keytar player, Paramore, Paper Rad artist troupe, comics, Euro-clash, Nu Rave, Synth-pop-punk

Looks: Neon colors, Skinny stovepipe pants, denim, colored denim pants vs. black, turquoise and purple being key colors, bright angled designs in T-shirts, colorful shoelaces, multiple bracelets, Ray-Bans in bright colors, shutter shades, necklaces of shutter shades, bright make-up and hair dye, bright sneakers, white and black keyboard belts, peace and smiley face necklaces, rainbows, angled indie haircuts, neon colored tights under short shorts, purple short shorts

Brands: Cobra Starship merch, American Apparel, Chiodos merch, Katy Perry merch, Volcom, Cheap Monday denim, Gap, To Write Love on Her Arms, Glamour Kills, Hot Topic, Shutter Shades, Ray Bans, Nike Jordon’s Retro 8s, Vans, Super