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While Tecktonik has been around for the last 2 years starting at various rave-inspired dance clubs in the Chatelet areas of Paris, the fashion styles (and dance moves) are now moving heavily into the United States and Canada, particularly among a younger demographic of 13-19-year-olds. This was obvious during the MAGIC Fashion trade show in Las Vegas last month indicated by outfits among some of the more leading-edge, and younger fashionistas on the trade show floor.

Tecktonik in many ways is the next evolution of Nu-Rave out of the UK, taking the ’90’s fascination that’s been hitting the streets for the past couple of years to the next level by mixing it with today’s concepts of R&B, DJ, and hip-hop influences. Tecktonik combines voguing moves inspired from Madonna’s “Vogue” mixed with style beats from various DJ’s that provide an edgy sound to moves that involve criss-crossing arms and legs–quickly creating specific choreography that has angles to it. The dance is called Tecktonik as a reference to the tectonic plates in the earth that shift during earthquakes and which also symbolizes today’s mash-up generation of a collision of moves, cultures, and music.

Interestingly, those who follow Tecktonik, such as clubbers who visit the Metropolis in Rungis outside of Paris, or in New York’s burgeoning Brooklyn scene, and hot clubs particularly underage, in LA, also tend to wear their hair in angled patterns matched with specific clothing. Hairstyles influenced from Tecktonik include shaved sides or patterns on the sides with high volume hair on top like an overgrown flat-top. Jackets that resemble a new-school Member’s Only style in colorful nylon also tend to be part of the look, and among girls, metallic tights (or stovepipe jeans) and wide belts with over-sized T-shirts or tank tops -usually colorful and with stripes.

Other defining aspects of the Tecktonik style are wearing armbands, but not down at the wrist (like R&B dancers) but rather up high on the arm -and usually in bright colors. Eye make-up also completes the look with Pris/Blade Runner like bands of eye shadow worn on both guys and girls.

Tecktonik is exploding as the new street dance for young people with impromptu battles in several urban areas around the world, but particularly in France. The trend is clearly catching on also thanks to the popularity of YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook where Tecktonik followers show their moves and discuss in detail the aspects of dance and fashion. One of the most popular YouTube clips is of Tecktonik master Jey Jey who filmed himself in his garage and has generated more than 2 million viewer impressions.

We expect to see more influences from Tecktonik this summer during music festival season among youth culture fashion as a key look because it’s quite distinct and also matches the new energy coming out of today’s youngest fashion scensters who are clearly inspired by dance.