Joan Jett X Tripp NYC collection for Hot Topic.

Rock chic is always in style of when it comes to youth culture fashion, and the latest Fall Collection from Hot Topic, which launched last week, the Joan Jett X Tripp NYC collaboration, is already making waves in the scene.

Hot Topic, as we’ve seen in our Youth Culture Studies, continues to be an important retailer in youth culture in the United States. While brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, for example, which plays on surf-inspired roots, has decreased in popularity the mix of merch at Hot Topic, much of which is music-inspired, continues to attract significant attention.

Daang Goodman, the creator of Tripp NYC, has always had a sense of what works within youth markets in combination with a rocker spin.
“When I finally met Joan [Jett], I felt as if I’d known her forever, and was so excited to be working with her,” Goodman said. “I’ve been designing for a girl like Joan all of my life! And I know the Hot Topic girl is going to love it!”

Joan Jett was equally as pleased. “Working with Daang and TRIPP NYC was effortless, as we approached this collection from the same fashion sensibility and DIY spirit,” said Jett, in a statement. “I’m blown away by how the collection turned out – these clothes are some of my favorite new additions to my closet.”

Joan Jett and Daang Goodman. Photo by Business Wire.

The basics include skinny denim, which is still wildly popular within Tripp NYC’s collection, zipper jackets, moto-inspired jackets, tops, and tanks ranging from $32 to $65.

As part of Hot Topic’s philanthropic efforts, the launch of the new collaboration included Hot Topic Foundation. Hot Topic donated $250,000 to Little Kids Rock’s Modern Band music program at their annual benefit, where Joan Jett was named Rocker of the Year. To date, Hot Topic Foundation has donated $10 million to various non-profits towards encouraging young people to express their individuality through music and the arts.

Check-out the video of the new Joan Jett X Tripp NYC collection at Hot Topic.

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