BMX rider Nigel Sylvester takes to a ramp wall in Miami.

Gatorade continues its ongoing support of BMX, this time with a cool trilogy of video series featuring famed rider Nigel Sylvester. The first video, which went viral the second it was posted a few days again, features Nigel and follow BMXer Ralphy Ramos taking to the streets of Miami and ripping it up from down to night-time.

Nigel and Ralphy scoring a tow from a cab in Miami.

The effect not only features great riding and new moves, but a chance to look at a city through a different set of lenses -that of a highly skilled pair of BMX riders, and the impact they’re clearly making upon viewers in the streets, in cars and cabs. It also helps define why the sport’s growing in various areas, not only among young males, but also females, as we’ve noted in our Spring and upcoming Summer Youth Culture Study 2011.

The background track in the vid is getting as much hype as the riding, which was created by hiphop master Tyga. In the video, the riders end up going to his studio to check-out Tyga’s new tracks, completing the connection between BMX and music. And of course they’re all drinking Gatorade.

Next All Day Sessions takes place in New Orleans, with the video dropping June 15, 2011.