Label Networks’ 15th Annual Spring Youth Culture Study 2015 has launched!

We are pleased to announce the release of our 15th Annual Spring Youth Culture Study! Thank you to everyone at Label Networks, as well as our freelancers and field team managers, that helped make this Study one of the best in our history.

Here’s more:

April 14, 2015, Los Angeles, CA— Fresh consumer insight from Label Networks’ 15th Annual Spring Youth Culture Study 2015 reveals key findings that today’s 13-25-year-olds are creating their own distinctly unique patterns in spending, social networking, fashion and footwear subcultures, entertainment, sports, and music, and lifestyle associations.

The 15th Annual Spring Youth Culture Study 2015 includes the freshest data and analysis available about today’s youth culture in the United States, plus unique forecasts that reveal how a much more diverse and entrepreneurial marketplace of young people is re-defining the way brands and organizations need to do business.

“We have seen dramatic shifts among today’s youth, especially in communication patterns and spending,” states Tom Wallace, President of Label Networks, the publishers of the Study. “Once again, today’s youth culture has either spent their entire teen years living in an economic recession or are in the midst of the ripple effects of various global crisis. But they are hopeful: This demographic is pushing forward the speed of change as trendsetters in technology and social media. New DIY attitudes and characteristics of what is valuable to their lifestyle is greatly influencing trends and how businesses need to respond.”

This tech-savvy generation living on the cusp of dramatic world change has actually carved out unique niches that have given rise to opportunities and whole new brands and industries.  The disruptive aspects are illustrated within this Study with new brand preference loyalties and ecommerce shifts, growing subcultures within fashion, sports, and entertainment, and attitudes that are re-shaping the shopping and spending habits, personal content creation, and new forms of communication.

“We have also included a robust section that illustrates youth culture’s most important Lifestyle Playgrounds ranging from music festivals to tattoo culture to skateboarding to blogging, and more. The results provide brands, retailers, agencies, and non-profits with an extraordinary amount of detail as to which segments they should be associated with and why, if they intend to connect with this marketplace effectively,” continues Wallace.

More specifically, the 320-page Study is based on thousands of interviews from a statistically representative sampling conducted within the beginning of 2015, providing the most current youth consumer insights available. Data is combined with comparative analysis that is written, illustrated, and designed for each topic by Label Networks’ Youth Culture Experts to provide a quick snapshot of key findings, including historical analysis, visuals, and pull-quotes for fast, effective forecasting.

The Study also measures those making content that connects to online communities that are gaining traction within youth culture, but are rarely rated in mainstream industry ratings because the entry point for these growing markets is off their radar. New and growing DIY subcultures on YouTube, mobile phones, in fashion or accessories, for example, can be more important to specific demographics than many people realize. It is for this reason that the 15th Annual Spring Youth Culture Study 2015 is a vital source for global brands seeking to map-out impactful and relevant strategies moving forward.

Key Highlights Include:
•    Fashion Preferences, Brands, Shopping Frequency, Patterns, Social Networking Influences, Retailers Stores, Online Preferences
•    Denim Report: Top Brands, Size of Market, Pricing Preferences
•    T-shirt Report: Importance of the T-shirt Marketplace in Youth Fashion, Top Brands, Size of Market, Buying Frequency, Pricing Preferences
•    Footwear Report: Top Brands, Sneaker Culture Trends, Shopping Preferences, Stores, Online Destinations
•    “What’s In Your Closet:” Insights Into What Young People Own Now and Plan to Buy in the Future
•    Shopping and Spending Patterns, Influences on Buying, Preference Changes
•    Social Media and Communication Patterns Including Blogging, Where Things Are Heading—The Next Social Media Platform and Why
•    Sports with Special Insider Report on Favorite Sports, Participation, Aspirations, Lifestyle Influences
•    The Lifestyle Playgrounds Report: Deep-dive Into How Youth Define Their Lifestyles and Key Influences
•    Retail Report: Retailers, Stores, Online Trends
•    Mobile Commerce and Online Shopping Patterns, Virtual Currency, Gift Cards
•    Demographics and the Growing Diversity of Youth Culture Markets and How this Impacts the Future
•    Spending Habit Shifts Reflected by the Post-Recession Generation
•    Mobile Phone Culture with Social Networking Patterns, Profile Features, Trends in Social Networks, Shifts in Social Media Patterns
•    Entertainment Shifts from YouTube, Movies, TV, Preferences
•    Accessories: What’s Vital to the Marketplace, Preferences, and Preferred Shopping Locations

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About Label Networks:
Label Networks is a global leader in providing teen and youth culture intelligence, which feeds unique branding, marketing, and sustainability strategies for connecting brands with youth culture lifestyles. Since 2000, Label Networks has created Global Youth Culture consumer insights from a variety of demographics based on proprietary methods. Label Networks’ own primary data is the basis used for creating their sustainable brand strategies to connect today’s original thinkers in branding, marketing, non-profits, and sponsorship to today’s youth marketplace. Among Label Networks’ clients: Apple Computer, Timberland, Adidas, Dickies, Airwalk, Kia, Dr. Pepper, Red Bull, ZICO, The North Face, Vans Warped Tour, the American Legacy Foundation/the truth, Snow Industries of America (SIA). Contact: Label Networks, Inc., 13101 Washington Blvd., Suite 411, Los Angeles, CA 90066; (323) 630-4000;;