Welcome to Agenda NYC, 82 Mercer Street.

Story and Photos by Kathleen Gasperini and Tom Wallace

From July 10-11, 2013 Agenda NYC at 82 Mercer Street transforms this hipster part of SoHo into a gathering of the tribes for industry players in streetwear, urbanwear, and skate-inspired footwear and apparel. It’s also home to creative wearable technologies such as Beats by Dre, G-Shock, and Agenda: NYC Limited Edition Caps by Flexfit with collabs with The Hundreds, WuTang, and The Seventh Letter, not to mention the cornerstone brands of sneaker culture such as Vans, Converse, Native, DVS, and Etnies.

This is wear unique collabs come to life as more streetwear brands continue to work with heritage brands and brethren to create exciting experiences in design for potential buyers. It’s also the location for checking-out some of the best trends in streetwear fashion from the attendees of the show who all illustrate the latest ways to combine for example, camo prints with paisley florals, leaning towards old-school Hawaiian.

Two styles in one are among key trends in streetwear mixing Native American prints and colors in button-downs.

Apparent this year at the show was a strong crossover of bright prints such as floral patterns with military Americana ranging from denim and board shorts with Native American print piping or camo, the button-down classic prep styles matched with angled prints in completely new colorwaves. Generally, there’s a strong 80’s vibe continuing and the leaders in the scene have certain staples in all of their collections including a mix of graphic T-shirts, denim, long-sleeved shirts, fitted silhouettes in button-downs, caps, backpacks, and designer headphones.

We what also always like about Agenda NYC is the strong connection with the city’s sense of urban coolness, complete with top artists painting on-site, DJ’s, unique food kiosks, and sense of community which may have something to do with space being tight and the business-minded aspects of East Coast industry there to get work while networking. Brands such as Married to the Mob and Endless Ammo show up at this show, along with 10 Deep (their hometown), Zoo York, Staple Designs, Rocksmith, Play Clothes, Leroy Jenkins, Wu Tang Brand, Mishka, and Burton. The East coast is clearly represented but also attracts west-coast buyers and brands ranging from Obey to RVCA, Etnies, and DC Shoes. To be in top stores in unique boutiques of New York are a sign of success, and top buyers attend this show to make sure their stores are on the leading-edge.

Packed booths with buyers made the show buzz all day, each day of the show.


Contributing artists from Base Camp round-out the scene including Sofia Maldonado, Jacqui Oakley, Klughaus Gallery, and Seb Gorey.

Another key component to Agenda NYC were the significant number of cool backpacks and bags. As accessories in general continue to be among the defining factor to one’s style, so too are the growing number of brightly patterned backpacks such as fish-patterned packs and prep styles by Herschel Supply Co., Native American prints on Burton bags and luggage, and the growing number of watch brands such as Flud and G-Shock, along with the growing importance of socks from brands like Stance.

Maybe it’s the lack of surf brands in the mix that makes Agenda NYC seem more authentic to the core of streetwear, but while smaller, it’s definitely a show charging the scene and generating significant buzz and business which makes for a great place to be.

Fitted camo from Endless Ammo.

Agenda moves onto Long Beach July 25-26 topped with the launch of their conference series called Agenda Emerge powered by Group Y on Friday, July 26 at the Long Beach Convention Center featuring speakers Marc Ecko, Bobby Hundreds, and Jeff Staple, and then to Las Vegas as part of Modern Assembly including shows Liberty, Stitch, (capsule), MRKET, the Accessories Show at the Sands Expo August 19-20, 2013.

Label Networks will be covering the latest from all of the shows and Agenda Emerge.

The girls are recording artists and also starting their own ladies streetwear store in downtown Brooklyn.
Camo shorts, pants, and prints are still going strong, but with an evolution in the styles and patterns along with mixing and matching with colorful tops and sneakers.
Bench had it going on. Strong patterns on block colors.
Burton had a big presence but interestingly, mostly with their lifestyle apparel and backpacks.
Disturbia came all the way from just outside of London. Their frocket pockets in punk rock colors and women’s collection especially cool leggings were popular.
Classic zip-up collared sweaters but with camo motifs add dimension to the style.
More streetwear frocket pockets and two-toned shirts. 10 Deep was among the leaders in this movement.
Etnies doing business.
Classic Vans lifestyle.


Fishing, camping, and outdoorsman motifs round-out many of the backpack brands graphics.
Herschel Supply Co. offered up a variety of styles including prep-inspired, sailing motifs on bags and backpacks. Hype’s started for the America’s Cup and the classic brand is on it.
Han Cholo providing it’s traditional big bling.
New Era Cap–The EK Collection.
Obey continues to be a strong contender and among trendsetting with their floral and camo caps.
Beats by Dre offered up several unique collabs. This one with Staple.
Photo screened shirts are among a growing movement capturing design inspiration within apparel on uniquely soft fabrics.
Platform shoes, sandals, sneaker platforms, and latest in sneaker culture provided Agenda NYC with loads of style among attendees.
Agenda NYC heads to Long Beach July 25-26, 2013 next.