Label Networks’ 14th Annual Fall Youth Culture Study 2014.

Fresh research and analysis released today from Label Networks’ 14th Fall Youth Culture Study 2014 reveals the massive shifts in effective digital entertainment, communication patterns, advertising, and marketing among 13-25-year-olds across the United States.

“With the significant shifts in entertainment preferences, YouTube, TV, social networks, and mobile phone culture, this Study unveils the differences in how young people utilize digital technology and the various advertising and marketing preferences that they like and dislike,” explains Tom Wallace, President of Label Networks, producers of the 14th Annual Fall Youth Culture Study 2014. “It is this type of information that is vital towards guiding brands and marketers to where and how they need to focus their strategies towards reaching a very tech- and advertising-savvy new demographic of young people.”

Greater access to different types of communication tools and digital technology have created many opportunities to reach new markets, but it’s also completely changed the perceptions of what young people, who have grown-up living a digital lifestyle, consider good advertising and marketing. How brands and organizations communicate to this demographic through digital media, social networking, and entertainment requires new ways of thinking.

In addition, the 14th Annual Fall Youth Culture Study 2014 is unique in that it also delivers direct quotes from respondents across the country on what they believe is effective advertising, sponsorship, and in addition, the influences of music and action sports within their lifestyles.

Finally, the Study includes the interconnected behaviors and patterns of a digital lifestyle with issues of sustainability. “We have also included an entire section devoted to sustainability, featuring consumer insights on youth trends towards eco-friendly fashion and footwear buying habits, sustainability preferences, trends and actions towards sustainability, feelings about the environment, eco and sustainable shopping patterns, greatest influences, top brands, and how they feel about various sustainability issues effecting their lifestyles,” says Kathleen Gasperini, Senior Vice President.

Highlights from the 14th Annual Fall Youth Culture Study 2014 include:
•    Digital Entertainment and The Rise of YouTube, Video Preferences, Habits, plus Mobile Phone Culture and Communication Patterns and TV’s New Landscape
•    Technology and Effective Communication, Influences, Trends, How to Reach Youth Culture Markets
•    Advertising Effectiveness and Viral Marketing—What Works and What Doesn’t
•    Qualities Most Sought for Buying, plus New Revelations on Brand Loyalty
•    Key Effective Sponsorship Traits
•    New Top Music Subcultures, Crossover Genres, Downloading and Spending Patterns, and Marketing through Music
•    Quantified Shifts in Buying Habits and Greatest Influences in Purchasing Patterns
•    Preferences in Beverages, Energy Drinks, Fast Food, and Automotive
•    Top Future Concerns and Perceptions Capturing the Psychodemographics of Youth Culture Today
•    Social Networking Patterns—What’s the New Facebook
•    Video Gaming Trends, Platforms, Online
•    Music’s Impact on Youth Culture and Lifestyle Connectivity
•    Concerts, Festivals, Tours, and What Youth Culture Wants
•    The Latest, Most Important Eco-friendly or Sustainable Products Purchased
•    Brands They Consider Leaders in Eco-friendly Practices and Sustainability
•    Influences and Main Factors that Inspire Purchasing Eco-friendly or Sustainable Products
•    Spending Patterns and Growth on Eco-friendly and Sustainable Shopping Patterns, Fashion, Footwear among Youth Culture
•    Ratings Important Future Factors, Concerns
•    Humanitarian, Charity and Social Good Popularity
•    Non-profits and Volunteerism Preferences
•    Greenwashing vs. Brand Transparency in Advertising and Marketing
•    Thrift, ReUse, Upcycle Fashion and Footwear Trends and Buying Patterns
•    Wearable Technology in the Face of Sustainability
•    Importance of Made in America

For businesses looking to create new business strategies from the inside out as they pertain to the youth marketplace, the 14th Annual Youth Culture Study 2014 provides the tools and knowledge to execute feed-forward strategies based on where things are headed, why they’re moving in certain directions, and how to connect to a much more diverse and entrepreneurial youth culture marketplace.

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