Shaun White prepping for training with his butler. Funny, great shot.

Some may be surprised that 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist in snowboarding and X Games gold medalist in skateboarding Shaun White has partnered with D6 Sports to create his own action sports line (and website, video clips, etc.), but in reality, such a move was inevitable. Seriously, when you become bigger than the brands that sponsor you, why not Be the Brand yourself?

Shaun White is a brand and has been for years, even having his own Target apparel collection, just as Tony Hawk is a “brand” among many others. The news of his new company called Shaun White Supply Company launched in late September makes complete sense since the dude knows equipment and how to perform, and his agents, CAA, by the way, know how to capitalize on a star when they see one.

According to Shaun White Supply Co.’s website, the main focus of SWSC “is to create, produce and deliver authentic products at an affordable price.

Every product has been rigorously tested, changed and tested again until Shaun and his team felt the Shaun White Supply Co. standards were met. It was important to White that not only could SWSC’s products be used by him in competition, but that they could also be used by recreational athletes in an effort to give individuals the opportunity to enjoy, experiment and excel in action sports.”

So what’s he making? Skateboard decks, stunt scooters, protective gear, ramps, rails, and BMX bikes. We half expected snowboards, but it appears that Burton, his sponsor, still has that category dialed for now.

On the SWSC site, it’s pretty clear that the company launch is in perfect timing with the upcoming Dew Tour kick-off in Las Vegas October 13-16, and various videos with Shaun have been posted on the site as well, which make it all fairly entertaining. Of course one of the best is the outtakes commercial featuring fellow skater/artist Clint wearing a suit and skating through a mall for Stride Gum.

Overall, the Shaun White Supply Co. may promote the wrath of various skateboard deck companies and others who have been manufacturing action sports gear since the industry started some 20-odd years ago, but in the name of progress, and entertainment, and the fact that Shaun White is a rockstar for better or worse, it all totally makes sense.