Label Networks Presents 13th Annual Fall Youth Culture Study 2013.

Fresh research and analysis released today, September 16, 2103, from Label Networks’ 13th Annual Fall Youth Culture Study 2013 reveals where shifts in the youth marketplace have created new opportunities and trends across fashion, technology and communication, effective advertising and sponsorship, music, digital entertainment, social networking, mobile phone culture, plus automotive, fast food, and beverages based on new consumer insights among 13-25-year-olds across the United States.

“There’s a new youth demographic that has gone through their entire teens in a recession, resulting in significant shifts in spending patterns and new purposes for buying based on various lifestyle changes,” explains Tom Wallace, President of Label Networks, producers of the 13th Annual Fall Youth Culture Study 2013 and a leader in global youth intelligence, sustainability, and branding strategies.

“These shifts have also created new and interlinked subcultures, new ways of effective marketing and advertising opportunities through changes in technology and communication patterns as illustrated in our results. Such information provides a vital tool for brands, marketers, and advertisers who need to understand this new generation and their lifestyle patterns. Mobile phone culture, for example, and the vast changes in social network patterns also reveal where specific strategies will be most effective, how they share information, and what motivates them to do so.”

Comparing results since 2000, and having the background from creating consumer research studies from Europe, China, and Japan, Label Networks has been able to provide a unique global advantage when it came to the 13th Annual Fall Youth Culture Study 2013. “Our history allows us to see new market opportunities through trend forecasts and differences with other cultures, which elevates this Study to another level towards connecting brands with this new youth marketplace,” continues Wallace.

Results are provided in colorful charts and graphs, by topline, then cross-tabulated by gender, and again by 4 different age groups. Comparative analysis written in “Macro Trend” editorials by Label Networks’ Youth Culture Experts provide a quick snapshot of key findings, including analysis, visuals, and pull-quotes for fast, effective, understanding.

In addition, the 13th Annual Fall Youth Culture Study 2013 is unique in that it also delivers direct quotes from respondents across the country on what they believe is effective advertising, sponsorship, and in addition, the influences of music.

Highlights from the 13th Annual Fall Youth Culture Study 2013 Include:

  • Digital Entertainment and The Rise of YouTube, Video Preferences, Habits, plus Mobile Phone Culture and Communication Patterns and TV’s New Landscape
  • Technology and Effective Communication, Influences, Trends, How to Reach Youth Culture Markets
  • Advertising Effectiveness and Viral Marketing—What Works and What Doesn’t
  • Qualities Most Sought for Buying, plus New Revelations on Brand Loyalty
  • Key Effective Sponsorship Traits
  • Favorite Fashion Brands and Stores, Shopping Patterns and Trends, plus Fashion and Style, What’s In Your Closet
  • Least Favorite Fashion Style and Least Favorite Brand
  • Favorite Retailers and Shifts in Buying
  • Special T-shirt and Denim Reports, Top Brands, plus Brands Losing Marketshare and Why, Frequency of Buying, and Changes in Spending Patterns
  • Footwear, including Sneaker Culture as influenced by Youth Preferences
  • Retailer Preferences, Types of Stores, and Online
  • Accessories for Key Styling, Plus Least Favorite
  • Backpacks and Favorite Brands • Sunglasses and Favorite Brands
  • New Top Music Subcultures, Crossover Genres, Downloading and Spending Patterns, and Marketing through Music
  • Quantified Shifts in Buying Habits and Greatest Influences in Purchasing Patterns
  • Preferences in Beverages, Energy Drinks, Fast Food, and Automotive
  • Top Future Concerns and Perceptions Capturing the Psychodemographics of Youth Culture Today
  • Social Networking Patterns—What’s the New Facebook • Electronics with Greatest Lifestyle Influences
  • Video Gaming Trends, Platforms, Online
  • Music’s Impact on Youth Culture and Lifestyle Connectivity
  • Concerts, Festivals, Tours, and What Youth Culture Wants

For businesses looking to create new business strategies from the inside out as they pertain to the youth marketplace, the 13th Annual Fall Youth Culture Study 2013 provides the tools and knowledge to execute feed-forward strategies based on where things are headed, why they’re moving in certain directions, and how to connect to a much more diverse and entrepreneurial youth culture marketplace.

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